Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: Can you describe your tours in three words?
A: Here’s a perfect description, based on what our past travellers said – friendly, delicious, and eye-opening!
2Q: Who can join the tours?
A: We welcome all travelers (for children, see below), but request that you be in good health. Our tours involve walking on uneven surfaces, hiking hills and climbing stairs at locations not always handicap accessible. There is a reasonable amount of ascent and descent, such as from sites.
3Q: Can children join your tours?
A: Children under the age of 15 years old are welcome to join our custom-designed private tours. Children 15 years of age and older can join our group tours. In both cases, an adult must accompany a minor.
4Q: Do I have to travel from the U.S. in order to join your tour?
A: It's not necessary to travel from the U.S. to join our tours. They are open to anyone from anywhere in the world. Even though some tour prices include airfare from California, the price is adjustable based on your departure country. E-mail us at to inquire about a particular itinerary.
5Q: Do I have to be a cook or a chef to enroll in your Food and Culture Tours?
A: Not at all! Our tours are open to anyone, cooks or not. The only prerequisites we have – you need an adventurous and curious spirit to explore a new place and culture!
6Q: Can I make my own flight arrangements?
A: If desired, you may make your own flight arrangements, when airfare is included in the price of a particular tour. Email us at and we will provide the commensurate reduction in price.
7Q: As a single traveller in a group tour, can I be matched with a roommate?
A: We will try our best to pair you up with another single traveller in your group to share a room with (but cannot guarantee the result). Remember to indicate this request on your reservation form.
8Q: What is a typical size of your tour group?
A: Our goal is to have to 10 to 12 participants in a single tour, so that you get the most out of your trip! Small group tours are more intimate and friendly, plus, you have a certain degree of flexibility to move around, to talk to people, and to enjoy spontaneous encounters. Besides, small groups feel cozier when gathered around meal tables in local homes – you’ll feel like a part of the family!
9Q: What if I have certain dietary restrictions and needs?
A: Upon signing up for a tour, you will receive a questionnaire where you need to specify your dietary restrictions and food likes and dislikes. Whether you are a hard-core meat-eater, or a dedicated vegetarian, rest assured that you will never go hungry on our tours! There is so much for every taste and preference to enjoy!
10Q: Do I need to get a visa to join your tours?
A: Each country has its own visa rules, and because of their changing nature, we will email you the most current visa requirements to a particular country upon your signing up for a tour.
11Q: How should I prepare for my tour?
A: In advance of your trip, we will send you an informational package to help you better prepare for the tour, including details about obtaining a visa, clothing and packing tips, and local airport guidelines, and know-hows.
12Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can reach us by email at or by calling 1-562-774-3144 Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time.