Our Philosophy

Established in 2018, Feride Buyuran Tours is a travel company specializing in food and culture tours to the Caucasus (primarily Azerbaijan, also Georgia). We pride ourselves in being first to offer unique cultural-gastronomic tours to Azerbaijan!

We are on a mission to build bridges of trust, respect, and understanding across cultures, through food and more, while also promoting Azerbaijan as an authentic culinary and cultural destination with a lot to offer.

Our goal for our travelers is to have fun and culturally broadening trips to the largely undiscovered, off-the-beaten-path destinations that allow for full immersion in the local culture in a most authentic way.

We strive to promote sustainable tourism and to design travel experiences that make a positive impact on the local society, economy, and environment. We do so mostly through working with small-scale producer and family-owned establishments, and celebrating remarkable traditions around meals cooked by the locals from their home-grown organic produce. We communicate directly with these suppliers, eliminating the middle man, thus allowing for the local families and businesses to benefit financially.

On our tours, travelers get to meet with community members exceptional in their efforts whether it’s organic farming and revival of forgotten centuries-old wine-making techniques, or keeping traditional recipes from perishing and preserving the otherwise disappearing arts and crafts.

Although food is the highlight of our tours, our traveler experiences extend far beyond cuisine. In each destination, we explore nature, history, architecture, arts and crafts, folklore, and music. All that embodies the unique culture of the fascinating region is awaiting travelers who have an open mind and heart, as well as an adventurous spirit.

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